Monday, March 15, 2010

Winter: Behold the Awesomeness.

I am not a creative person. Being a scientist I am analytical and not at all arty.

I find polyvore facinating, but difficult to make sets that look as cool as some others I have seen around lately. However it is the bomb-dot-com to put together my dream outfits and looks for winter this year.

Firstly I see black black and more black:

My Favorite Colour
My Favorite Colour by <>
Lab Chic!
Lab Chic! by

Things I will love this winter:

*Leather bomber jackets
*Leopard print (scarves and shoes)
*Classic black and white tanks and t-shirts
*Slim leg jeans
*Big soft leather roomy tote bag (for work)
* Leggings (although NOT as pants)
*Pencil skirts
*Over the knee boots and ballet flats
*Splashes of colour on nails (have to offset the black somehow!)
*Casual off duty looks - Harem pants, bonds oversize hoodies
*knitted beanies, and mittens

Things I want to love doing this winter:
*Drinking Drambuie on ice (preferably drunk at my local when it is cold outside)
*Reading in bed when it is raining outside (trying to work my way through the entire Stephen King back catalogue)
*Going to the beach all rugged up to watch the ocean in the wild weather
*Lots of red wine in front of open fires

Why do all my activities involve drinking or reading?

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  1. Hello

    Thank you for the message of support following the awful incident I had in a store yesterday. The kind words from friends and strangers was amazing.

    The woman who feared that whatever was on my face would ruin her clothes was small minded, discriminatory and rude. But she has also managed to remind me that there are so many people in this world that are compassionate and open minded, and in support of the challenges I have with my chronic illness.

    I hope that my blog, and your support, can make people think twice about the prejudices they may have towards people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and also make them think twice about opening their mouth and saying something hurtful.

    I feel pretty crappy today, it's hard to be resilient all the time, but I know that I will feel better soon.

    Thank you again, you really brightened my day.