Sunday, February 28, 2010

George Romero is my hero......

Here is the lyrics to a cracker of a song called 'George Romero' by Sprites:

It's the end of the world
I wanna live inside a shopping mall
I wouldn't care about the isolation
I'm unconcerned about the Walking Dead

If it's the end of the world
I think I'd handle myself quite well
I wouldn't panic walking past the zombie
I'd try to catch up on some reading and movies

I know all I need to know...
I know all I need to do...
I learned everything from George Romero, Dario Argento,
Maybe Tom Savini, Stuart Gordon, and Sam Raimi
Did they plant the idea or was it always in me?
Do you find me creepy?
Yeah, do I give you the creeps?

It's the end of the world
We could gather half a dozen friends
We'd live in hiding over at JC Penney
Construct a wall to keep the mutants out

When it's the end of the world
We'd land a helicopter on the rooftop
Somebody breaks in through a boarded entrance
Maybe we could make a run for it

I know all I need to know
I learned everything from George Romero, Dario Argento,
Maybe Tom Savini, Stuart Gordon, and Sam Raimi
Did they plant the idea or was it always in me?
Do you find me creepy?

Now it's the end of the world
I always thought I would've been more careful
Didn't look to be a serious bite
Will you wait here 'til I come back to life?

I learned everything from George Romero, Dario Argento,
Maybe Tom Savini, Stuart Gordon, and Sam Raimi
Did they plant the idea or was it always in me?
Do you find me creepy?

My post-apocalytic
Zombie survival fantasy.

P.S Possibly not as amusing if you don't have nerdgasms over Romero Zombie flicks.

Needful Things 01.03.10

Seeing as today is the first day of my birthday month, here is another Needful Things........Hmmmm is anyone reading this going to buy me some of this stuff?

And also I WILL start doing some outfit posts - but I have lost the charger to my camera and so I can take photos :( we go!

IRON FISTIron Fist is a rad clothing company that makes clothes and shoes for guys and gals. I have the purple 'Muerte' platform pumps:I haven't actually worn them yet - I'm thinking an all black outfit and make the shoes the statement? And they are surprisingly comfortable! There are two other pairs I have my beady little eye fixed on - namely the zombie stomper platforms:

And these ones (not sure of the name) are pretty cherry too - They remind me of a Roller Disco:


B-movie bags are freaking awesome - they are pretty exxy though so possibly I will have to admire them from afar. The point is to choose a classic horror B movie poster from the gallery and the poster is painted onto a leather bag of your choice - when you have chosen the pic it is removed from the gallery, so you have a one of a kind bag all to yourself!! Schweeet! the website is

I have been lusting after this necklace for aeons.....I thought it was an understated nod to my teenage goth roots without being toooooo obvious!


I have been dreaming of having an awesome tiki bar in my living room. Even though it is not going to happen - I can dream can't I? Having a fake bamboo bar with tiki glasses, little hula gilr bobbleheads in grass skirts and a boss neon sign would amuse me to no end!

Maybe if I've been a good girl, I will find all of these things next to a big-ass ice-cream cake on the 11th of March!

P.S. I realise that this is NOT LIKELY.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Needful Things.......

To totes rip off a segment from Rue Morgue magazine - every monday I want to list my very own Needful Things - stuff (books, movies, clothes etc.) I am loving right now and stuff I hope to get in my hot little hands to love in the future. Now I promise I wont get all Leland Gaunt on your asses (have you read Needful Things? If not - read it - it's rad and then my comment might make more sense). But anywho, here we go......

Stephen King - IT

Just bought this book on the weekend. I read it as a kid and it scared the stuffing out of me. Fed my future intense fear of clowns. And the movie.......good lord don't even go there.

Pinup Couture

Seriously - this store the the bomb-dot-com. So many awesome things to choose from. I'm trying to find a dress for my PhD graduation in a couple af weeks - and I had my eye on this little number....

It's the 'Day of the Dead Wiggle Dress' . I love it. It WILL be mine. Devil Kitty on Brunswick street sells a range of Pinupgirl clothing and also stuff from Paperdoll productions and a bunch of rockabilly and pinup style cothing and shoes.

Rue Morgue Magazine

Basically it is the Canadian verison of the horror mag 'Fangoria'. They also run a weekly podcast called 'Rue Morgue radio' and has cool new music and reviews on all that is new in the horror world. If you are into that stuff - I highly recommend you check it out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why don't we talk about...........

.........Pole dancing! I have been pole dancing for about 2 years now. I love the challenge, the grace...and of course the sensuality and costume options!

I dance at Pole Princess at the Kew studio and I am in Level 5 at the moment. It is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done - not being from a dance or ANY kind of athletic background. I would reccomend classes to ANYONE who wants to feel more confident and get more toned and have heaps of fun too!!

Here are some pics from the student competition last year. It was held at the Espy in St.Kilda - in from of about 500 people BTW. Eeeep.

Here's the hot tip kids......pole dancing is AWESOME. Get to it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well Hello There...Again.

This is my blog version 2.0.....I gave up on my last one. Let's just forget it ever existed mmmmkay?
So stuff about me:

My name is Amy, everyone calls me Aimes
I'm a scientist, Have just had my PhD passed (YAY)
I hate my glasses, but sometimes i love them
I wish i was shorter than i am (I'm 6 foot tall)
I set my sights low so i am always surprised
I hate cooked fruit
IQ before coffee is 10 - after coffee it is only slightly higher
I love looking at other peoples blogs
I am on vogue forum when I should be working most of the time
I am loud all the time
I say 'Huh?' waaaay too much
I love horror films - the gorier the better
Bruce Campbell NEEDS to be my husband
I love sleeping
I pole dance for fun and exercise
I am still nervous about starting my own blog.......i wonder why anyone would listen to me!