Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well Hello There...Again.

This is my blog version 2.0.....I gave up on my last one. Let's just forget it ever existed mmmmkay?
So stuff about me:

My name is Amy, everyone calls me Aimes
I'm a scientist, Have just had my PhD passed (YAY)
I hate my glasses, but sometimes i love them
I wish i was shorter than i am (I'm 6 foot tall)
I set my sights low so i am always surprised
I hate cooked fruit
IQ before coffee is 10 - after coffee it is only slightly higher
I love looking at other peoples blogs
I am on vogue forum when I should be working most of the time
I am loud all the time
I say 'Huh?' waaaay too much
I love horror films - the gorier the better
Bruce Campbell NEEDS to be my husband
I love sleeping
I pole dance for fun and exercise
I am still nervous about starting my own blog.......i wonder why anyone would listen to me!


  1. Good luck with your blog!
    I felt compelled to comment for the reason that I am 6 ft tall too!
    I don't like it, but everybody always tells me I should be glad I am this tall.

  2. Omg so many things I want to say. Firstly congrats on your phD,,, very impressive!
    You are lucky to be 6" embrace it, I am a shorty and always blend in... not so fun
    Vogue, yes it's my weakness always on the forum (that's how I stumbled across your blog)
    I was thinking of starting up pole dancing for fitness, I hear it's the best for toning! Looks so hard but fun, which is fab!
    Do not be nervous about your blog, I have said this before but... if you have a passion about something someone will always be interested in what you have to say!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Pepperandbaxter your blog is fab! Have followed! I know everyone says tall is good, but when your partner is 6foot I feel like gigantor when I wear high heels!

    Diamonds - I love your blog, have regularly checked it out through the Vogue forum! Your shoes are brilliant! I just did a post on pole dancing - its awesome I would recommend it to any and everyone!

  4. I agree with all of the above... except for being tall. Blogs are scary! Mine has absolutely no premise whatsoever so I'm like all huh, so you're into the weird shit I'm into and want to read my blog? But aren't I the only person in the world who likes Sweet Valley High AND Scrabble? APPARENTLY NOT! That is the best thing about them. I am a fan Miss Aimes.