Sunday, February 21, 2010

Needful Things.......

To totes rip off a segment from Rue Morgue magazine - every monday I want to list my very own Needful Things - stuff (books, movies, clothes etc.) I am loving right now and stuff I hope to get in my hot little hands to love in the future. Now I promise I wont get all Leland Gaunt on your asses (have you read Needful Things? If not - read it - it's rad and then my comment might make more sense). But anywho, here we go......

Stephen King - IT

Just bought this book on the weekend. I read it as a kid and it scared the stuffing out of me. Fed my future intense fear of clowns. And the movie.......good lord don't even go there.

Pinup Couture

Seriously - this store the the bomb-dot-com. So many awesome things to choose from. I'm trying to find a dress for my PhD graduation in a couple af weeks - and I had my eye on this little number....

It's the 'Day of the Dead Wiggle Dress' . I love it. It WILL be mine. Devil Kitty on Brunswick street sells a range of Pinupgirl clothing and also stuff from Paperdoll productions and a bunch of rockabilly and pinup style cothing and shoes.

Rue Morgue Magazine

Basically it is the Canadian verison of the horror mag 'Fangoria'. They also run a weekly podcast called 'Rue Morgue radio' and has cool new music and reviews on all that is new in the horror world. If you are into that stuff - I highly recommend you check it out.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I watched IT when I was 6 years old (my older sister was having a slumber party) and I couldn't sleep for weeks.
    It scared the living daylights out of me!
    To this day I still don't stand on the drain in my shower in case a clown comes out!!!
    You're very brave.xx